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Medallion Adventure Club (“MAC”)

Liability Release & Health Form

Liability Release & Agreements

  • MAC, a nonprofit organization for those who enjoy outdoor activities, does not provide guided events nor act as a guide.

  • I have chosen to voluntarily participate in this activity organized by MAC. I understand that:

    • I am assuming certain risks inherent to this activity, and I may be exposed to dangers and hazards, which could lead to personal illness, injury, death, or property damage (all of which are defined as a “Loss”).

    • Treatment at Hospital facilities, from qualified medical care, or emergency medical evacuation may be delayed, limited, or unavailable during portions of the Activity.

    • MAC assumes no responsibility for providing medical care, I am responsible for all such costs.

  • I will follow the rules and directions from the leader of the Activity.

  • If my negligence causes a Loss to MAC or any participant, I understand that I am legally accountable.

  • My participation is at the discretion of the leader, and I will pay all costs/fees associated with the Activity.

  • The Activity officially begins and ends at the location(s) designated by the MAC leader. I am responsible for my own travel and risks before, during, and after the Activity.

  • With appreciation of the dangers and risks associated with Activities, I knowingly, fully, and completely release and waive any and all claims for Loss that may arise against MAC, the Activity coordinators, and all employees, volunteers, related parties, or other organizations associated with this Activity.







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