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Ways to get involved

1. Register as a free member only [Box 1]

2. Register as a free member and a MAC Fellow [Boxes 1 & 2]

3. Optionally to Donate [Box 3]

Register as a free MEMBER

Members can attend hikes, book club sessions, socials, and more.


To sign up, click on the Register button below which will take you to our Meet Up page.

BECOME a MAC fellow

You can become a MAC Fellow with a $50/yr subscription. MAC fellows can participate in special events and be the first to book events.

BECOME a MAC fellow

Support the MAC mission with a discretionary donation of any amount. Individuals who donate $100 or more receive a Pangea medallion as a token of our appreciation. 

MAC is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit.

Please consider becoming a fellow and supporting our mission.

Your support helps us advance our mission of being a catalyst for fun active outdoor activities and life-long learning. We aspire to help people advance their wellbeing and positive impact on the world.

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